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How can you care for the mental and spiritual health of your teams?

As employers, you know how employee home life and mental health significantly impacts the workplace. You want to help support your employees physical and mental health, but how can you encourage their spiritual health?

The Benefits of Employee Spiritual Well-Being:

  • Improved work clarity & productivity
  • More positive with co-workers and client interactions
  • Enhanced workforce culture
  • Personal contentment and increased happiness
  • Better Life Balance
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Affirmation of Worth/Value (Identity)
  • Ability to Navigate Change and Cope with Adversity

We have three openings for local small businesses that are interested in Chaplaincy.

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Learn more about Marketplace Chaplaincy and the Live with Purpose Family Story
Ryan Lapp


"Having chaplains available to me, especially Ryan & Jodi, has been very beneficial. They have given me an excellent sounding board to vocalize things that have been on my mind or life events, providing me with excellent advice and perspective. Sometimes just the act of talking with someone you trust and having them listen is profoundly helpful. I greatly value the opportunity to speak with them on a regular basis. They have become friends and trusted life advisors."

-Greg Lauver