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Everyone faces times of stress, anxiety, loss, and grief.

Live with Purpose Family chaplains hope to connect with employees who need comfort, prayer, and other spiritual-healing resources. Following are some resources outside of the Live with Purpose Family Chaplaincy Programs:

Family Life
The 5 Love Languages
Love & Respect


"I consider Ryan and Jodi to invaluable assets to Sharp Innovations. To have a chaplaincy presence in the company—and that, too, as a complimentary service—is very reassuring. We all face struggles, and it really helps to have a guiding force steering us in the right direction. Both Ryan and Jodi listen openly and without judgment, after which they give sound advice to strengthen us both personally and professionally. What especially helps is that they do so from a faith-based perspective. After all, so many of our problems can be attributed to not putting God first. Thank you for everything you do!"

-Anita Taide