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  • "Pastor Ryan & Jodi have been a HUGE asset to our team; everyone loves them because they are so easy to talk to! We have experienced potential candidates choosing us over our competitors simply because we offer chaplaincy services which was further confirmation for them to join our team. Sometimes it's not easy for an employee to come to their boss even though we have an open door policy and make sure we are always available. Live With Purpose Family brings a unique experience to the employee by offering fellowship, the ability to vent, sound wisdom and all done on a confidential basis that gives the our team a sense of comfort. I would say chaplaincy service with Live With Purpose Family is a must for all business', especially small business."

    -J. Evan Graybill

  • "Having chaplains available to me, especially Ryan & Jodi, has been very beneficial. They have given me an excellent sounding board to vocalize things that have been on my mind or life events, providing me with excellent advice and perspective. Sometimes just the act of talking with someone you trust and having them listen is profoundly helpful. I greatly value the opportunity to speak with them on a regular basis. They have become friends and trusted life advisors."

    -Greg Lauver

  • "I have greatly benefitted from the presence of you and Jodi and your interaction with me via your chaplaincy ministrations. It’s extremely powerful, even soul-healing, to know you are always there and that you truly care about my well-being, providing gentle support and an open window into Christ’s love. I don’t always manage to get downstairs to talk to you when you are ministering to us, since sometimes work requirements are pressing in the moment, but I always appreciate your availability. Your continual open-door support and guidance has been a true blessing to my mental health and overall wellbeing over the past year. Thank you for that."

    -Markus Harris

  • "Pastor Ryan and Jodi are valuable members of our team. They provide prayer and spiritual guidance for our employees who may have with issues they are uncomfortable discussing with their manager or supervisor."

    -Debra Haase

  • "I consider Ryan and Jodi to invaluable assets to Sharp Innovations. To have a chaplaincy presence in the company—and that, too, as a complimentary service—is very reassuring. We all face struggles, and it really helps to have a guiding force steering us in the right direction. Both Ryan and Jodi listen openly and without judgment, after which they give sound advice to strengthen us both personally and professionally. What especially helps is that they do so from a faith-based perspective. After all, so many of our problems can be attributed to not putting God first. Thank you for everything you do!"

    -Anita Taide

  • "I have appreciated you and your wife’s efforts in pursuing the hearts of my employees and seeking to pour yourselves out by investing into their lives and supporting their journey in life. Working with a wide range of backgrounds as well as a hybrid team that is partially locally and others remote around the country has increased complexities for you guys as you have served us over the years. You have both remained flexible, and I very much value the help you are to them not only investing into their spiritual lives, but beyond that helping them to be the most healthy version of themselves they can be. It pays dividends in our company and its future, and I would highly recommend any organization that doesn’t have marketplace chaplains to bring you guys in to strengthen their workforce. Your program is also a smart, employee benefit by any employer or ministry."

    -Joe Sharp